Baby, Let's Marry

from by Jeph Barthold



I really hope to be married some day. I originally wanted this kind of song to be apart of my elaborate idea to pop the question to "her" but I got impatient. It could be our wedding song, I guess. I'm not married (yet) but I think this song is relate-able to all you potential spouses out there who have built strong relationships out of years of emotions and experience. If the love is there, why not say yes!?


from The Jeph Barthold Demo, released February 2, 2010
Written by: Jeph Barthold, Homer "Funky-Foot" Steinweiss, Leon Michels, and Thomas Brenneck
All Vocals by: Jeph Barthold
Production by: The Menahan Street Band




Jeph Barthold Brockton

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