Love as Revenge (Featuring Lady GaGa)

from by Jeph Barthold



This song is about the frustration that comes with being in love with someone, and knowing that they toy with your feelings despite their denial of any wrong doing. Using your love as revenge is to simply force the affection and yearning you feel inside onto the opposing side, until they eventually give into your defense. Lady GaGa's "Bad Romance" is about the same subject, which is why I sampled portions of that song into this one.


from The Jeph Barthold Demo, released February 2, 2010
Written by: Jeph Barthold
Main and Backing Vocals by: Jeph Barthold
Featured Vocals by: Stefani Germanotta (Lady GaGa)
Production by: Romy Madley Croft, Oliver Sim, Jamie Smith, and Baria Qureshi (The xx)




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